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Beginners Tutorials

These are tutorials I have written specially to help people completely new to Paint Shop Pro learn how to make signature tags.

These tutorials are written for specific versions of Paint Shop Pro, to avoid confusing those who are not familiar with its tools.  Some tutorials cover more that one version - if they way the tools that tutorial is about operate very similarly in those versions.  The Tutorials are listed in the order I would suggested they are completed, the later ones rely on skills covered by the earlier ones.

I have not yet added versions for PSP X (10), but will be doing so soon - in the meantime, you will probably find that the PSP 9 tutorials work quite well with PSP X (10), although there are probably some new options for tools that aren't mentioned and there may be some additional tools.

Please read my Terms Of Use before using my resources (Tubes and Tutorials).  They are not very restrictive, but please read them anyway.   


Paint Shop Pro Introduction       

This tutorial covers how to create an image and what the things you see on the screen are all about


PSP 7   PSP 8   PSP 9

PSP Photo XI

Adding A Border To An Image

This tutorial shows you how to add a simple bevelled frame to an image.


PSP 7  
PSP 8/9 and XI

Adding Text                   


PSP 8    PSP 9

PSP Photo XI

How to get, install and use Tubes               

(Tubes are the PSP equivalent of clip-art)   


PSP 7/8/9/XI

Magic Wand Selections and Flood Fill     


PSP 8/9

Vectors Jargon Explained

This tutorial explains the terms associated with using the drawing tools

PSP 7/8/9

How to use the basic vector drawing tools

This tutorial covers how to use the basic shapes tool and gives move practice for creating text.


PSP 7   PSP 8   PSP 9
PSP Photo XI

Effects On Tubes        

(How to create a tag)

PSP 7/8/9

If you'd like support while you learn Paint Shop Pro and a place to share your new creations why not join the Yuku Community I co-manage with some friends....



Beginners and experienced Paint Shop Pro users are all welcome.  The group is Family Friendly -  suitable for all ages, young and old alike. We are very copyright conscious and will help you understand what you are, and are not, allowed to use to make signature tags.